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Why Skyway?

Among the top five most diverse neighborhoods in North America, Skyway is one of the most unique communities in the Seattle area. The community is evenly divided between African-Americans (31.4%), Anglo-Americans (29.6%) and Asians (27.1%). Nearly 27% of Skyway’s 20,000 residents were born outside of the United States.

It’s also a place of great physical needs. More than 11% of the population lives on household incomes below $15,000 annually. Poverty, crime, lack of infrastructure, exploitation, and broken families are part of this neighborhood's story. Though we believe that meeting the physical needs of our community is part of our calling, we know it’s not enough. Skyway needs good news. Skyway needs individuals, families, and churches who have experienced God's redemption and are living a new story. 

That’s why we long to see a movement of Jesus followers who will live and speak good news on their block, in their neighborhood, and beyond their community.