june 26th

When the Apostle Paul wrote to the church in the city of Corinth, he had to do a lot of correcting. The church began to think they were "all that" and they created factions about who was the best. Paul had to remind them that they were in fact ordinary folks who nobody would have chosen...yet God chose them. 

Part 3 of "Gospel Game Plan" focused on the meaning of Jesus' resurrection. What does Jesus' resurrection have to do with our thirst for justice?

In part 2 of "Gospel Game Plan," we discussed the most famous, recognized symbol of Christianity: The Cross. What does the cross really mean?

Pastor Jared opened our series called "Gospel Game Plan" out of the book of Mark. This first message focused on what it meant for Jesus to "play his position" as the Son of God. 

Pastor Hooks spoke about how Jesus broke barriers to speak with the Samaritan Woman. He changed her mind and her heart so she could thirst for living water. 

We examined 3 scenarios from the middle of Jesus' final week. Jesus was incredibly observant of everything and everyone around him, and by "looking over his shoulder" we learned what he values most.

In this first message of the series, Pastor Jared discussed Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem from Luke 19. 

Pastor Jared spoke on the topic of "God Over my Money." At a heart level, we need to make 3 critical connections to God's values on money before our behaviors and habits will change. 

Pastor Jared taught about the rich theology of "self-care." When properly understood, we are free to care for and nurture our bodies and souls. This message has an audio "break" in it during which the congregation did some interactive learning around 5 practical ways to care for ourselves.

Pastor Joffrey Hooks spoke on how the Word of God is to be over our lives. When we meditate on it and incorporate it's meaning, it will have a profound affect on what we do. We do not just "read the Bible" out of duty or to make ourselves happy, we ingest it so that we may prosper and bless those around us as well.

Won Choi spoke of our vital need to be connected to God through prayer. Prayer is part of the "trellis" that supports healthy spiritual growth and prepares us to bear fruit. Won suggested practical ways we could weave more "sacred space" for prayer into our busy lives. 

In this first message of the series, God Over Everything, Pastor Jared spoke about how God designed us to manage our environment, be creative, and work. But God also designed us to rest as well. What does it look like for "God to be over" our schedule and how we rest? 

Christmas is known as an occasion for giving. If you think about it, when we give a gift we are sending a message both about ourselves and the recipient. What message was God sending when he sent us the gift of a baby? 

We finished our series with the story found in Acts chapter 16. How tremendous it has been to get to know the Holy Spirit through these stories! We have found renewed reason to hope, knowing that as ordinary people we too can experience the Holy Spirit and partner with him in his redeeming work.

Acts chapter 10 is a watershed event in the life of the early church. In this story, we read how the Spirit was working on Cornelius' heart long before Peter arrived to share the gospel with him. But the Spirit wasn't just working on Cornelius; Peter too needed the Spirit's preparation before he would be willing to break free from his Jewish ethnic bias and share the gospel with an Italian occupier. 

We saw how the Spirit intervened in unexpected ways in the lives of 3 men whose stories intersected in Acts 9:1-31.

We discovered 5 interesting observations of the Holy Spirit from Acts 8. Hint: He doesn't always stay within the lines of your theological framework!

We compared the reputation of the new church that formed in the book of Acts to the church of 2016. What was the church known for when it first became "a thing"? What is the church known for in Renton/Skyway/Rainier Beach/Seattle?

In this message, we discuss how the Holy Spirit gives us a boldness that we couldn't have just psyched ourselves up for. This boldness is a settled confidence to share about the salvation found in Jesus, and it doesn't back down in front of power. 

Pastor Jared speaks about an uncommon boldness that the Holy Spirit gives us to overcome our fear. This is the same boldness that inspired Peter to share the gospel so well, when just weeks before he had denied even knowing Jesus. Text: Acts 3

Pastor Jared discusses 4 radical changes that the Holy Spirit made in the lives of the early believers and wants to make in your life, too. The changes may surprise you! Text: Acts 2:42-47

Pastor Jared talks about how the Holy Spirit intervened among the disciples during Pentecost in Jerusalem -- just weeks after the crucifixion. Text: Acts 2:1-41

Pastor Jared begins his 'Never the Same' series by introducing a timeline of the Holy Spirit through the Old and New Testaments. Text: Various Passages