Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus. 

Our vision is to see a growing number of people in Skyway BELONGING to spiritual family, BECOMING like Jesus,                         and BRINGING HOPE to their neighborhood!


Beliefs & Values

At NewStory, we want our core beliefs and values to shape who we are and then inform what we do


The creator of all. He alone always does what is good, right, and perfect (holy). Because he is always good, he cannot allow evil to remain in his presence. Oh, and he loves people.
Not just a good teacher, but God himself come to rescue mankind. Though he was perfect, he paid the ultimate price to “buy back” those who were far from God. He is the only way to God, and invites any who will to believe in him.
The pinnacle of God’s creation, the only beings created in his divine image. When our first parents (Adam and Eve) took Satan’s advice and decided to manage right and wrong apart from God, they created a rift between humans and God. That rift is seen in everything that is not right in us and in the world today (greed, racism, judgmentalism, etc.)
Though deeply flawed by evil, every human has inherent worth based on their creation in God’s image. But on our own, we can never rid ourselves of guilt or shame apart from God’s help.
God’s compassionate pursuit of people who need his help. The ultimate example of grace was God sending his own son to make a way for our rescue. Some chafe about Jesus being the only way; it is only by God’s grace that there is any way at all.
God’s story and our story. The Bible is the account of God’s creation, our fall, his pursuit, and our offer of redemption.


Gospel                                                                                    Who we are and what we do is a response to the good news that Jesus paid for our sins and re-wrote the story of our lives by his grace.

Family                                                                                       We know we have a place to belong in God's family, and that he brings restoration to our broken relationships.

Mission                                                                                     We make our lives available to God so that he might use us to make disciples everywhere we go.

Blessing                                                                                        We seek to serve our community in ways that bring relief, justice, and peace.

Affiliated with Send North America Network and Seattle Church Planting

We want to get to know you, too.

If you are interested in visiting or joining us, please leave us some contact information. Feel free to tell us about yourself, ask any questions that you make have, or share something you would like to pray about. Someone from our family will get back to you ASAP.


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